Functional Prototyping

2020-05-03 09:51:32

Uprise 3D | An lower-cost and office-friendly end-to-end metal 3D printing solution

Functional prototypes offer a way for engineers to test designs before manufacturing them at scale. This entails producing usable parts on a one-off basis, which can be an expensive procedure. Additionally, because functional prototyping happens in the design stage of manufacturing, parts are constantly being iterated upon. Each time a design is changed, more resources must be dedicated to producing another functional part or assembly.

Uprise 3D printers allow you to produce functional prototypes in-house, with minimal labor, and at a lower cost than other methods. metal 3d printing– enables you to replicate final part properties without relying on machine shop resources. With Uprise 3D printers you can fabricate functional prototypes as easily as initial prototypes, allowing you to iterate with shorter lead times, reduce fabrication costs, and get products to market faster.