2020-05-03 09:50:55

Uprise 3D | An lower-cost and office-friendly end-to-end metal 3D printing solution

Small to mid-sized businesses face increasing pressure from international and domestic competitors. Overseas manufacturers offer lower prices and domestic prototyping shops offer quick turnaround times for small quantities of parts. 3D-printing gives them an opportunity to realize shorter lead times and reduced costs for quick-turn mold services when compared to domestic prototyping shops. The ability to iterate quickly is critical to winning project bids and for meeting tight deadlines.For manufacturer, the Uprise 3D introduces the ability to make quick-turn mold assembly components with a process that is far less labor-intensive than other equipment in their machine shop and more cost competitive than a third-party prototyping firm. The Uprise 3D printer uses closed-cell infill to lightweight parts and minimize material usage without impacting the wear resistance required for tooling applications.